This is the last article for the school website that I'm writing this year, so I just want to say goodbye.  

I have been doing this since September. Back in the 7th grade we were given an exercise by the teacher to write a newspaper report based on the story that we read. So, I started to write a normal newspaper report. Then, after everyone has finished, some of us had to read it out loud to the class. When I was called, I took a deep breath and started reading. I didn't really expect much from it, because I thought that it was just a regular newspaper report, but teacher Barbara loved it and then, during the break,  we went to teacher Petra where I also read it and she also loved it. So, teacher Barbara got an idea that we should have a weekly English class for ourselves. During the summer break, I was thinking a lot about what we would be doing during that class. Then, in September, the teacher suggested that I would start writing articles like this one and teacher Gregor would post them on the school website. I really loved the idea, so I started writing. The first article I wrote was called First day of school. Since then, I am writing articles for the school website every Friday morning.
In the First day of school article, I mentioned that I was in a video called Back to school by Lingulizer, and I got quite famous for it. At first it was very good, but then, it became a bit annoying that everyone was asking me how I got in the video.
I hope that me and teacher Barbara will be doing this thing again next year, because I really loved it.
See you in September!
Jan Ferenc, 8.a (soon 9.b)

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